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About Our Clinic

The Stevenage Podiatry Clinic is located in Stevenage Old Town just off the main High Street.
The Clinic is the easiest and best choice for finding a Podiatrist in Stevenage.
The clinic is approximately 5 minutes walk from the nearest bus stop. The clinic is approximately 15 minutes walk from the town centre.

The Clinic was set up by Podiatrist Malcolm Smith - BSc Podiatric Medicine, in 1995 serving residents of Stevenage and surrounding Hertfordshire towns and villages.
Working originally as a Stevenage based podiatrist, Malcolm also serves customers across the local county in towns such as Hitchin, Letchworth, Baldock and Aston by providing home calls and house visits catering for customers unable to make it into the clinic.

The Clinic operates an appointments schedule. Simply walk into the clinic to book or Phone our Reception.

The Clinic has an access ramp with handrail for wheelchair users and those with walking difficulties.
(Disability Discrimination Act 2006)

Your first visit

Blue signs with white text marking access to the courtyard may be seen from the High Street and Walkern Road.
Access to the ground floor clinic is gained from within the courtyard.

A door entry system is in operation. When you arrive at the Clinic please press the button to announce your arrival.
You may be asked for your name before the door opens remotely from within.


The brightly lit waiting area is cool in the summer yet warm and inviting in the winter.
There are magazines and papers to read, foot and shoe related articles to browse through while you wait before being welcomed in to the clinic room.

The clinic room

The large clinic space allows for storage of your shopping without it being in the way, hangers for coats etc.


All equipment used is sterilised before and after use on any individual. Some items are for single use only, therefore disposed of immediately after use. Sterilisation techniques under the Society of Chiropodists & Podiatrists code of practice are fully complied with in order to maintain high standards of infection control.

For all enquiries or to book an appointment call us on :