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Podiatric Assessment

Initial Assessment

Personal details will be recorded before your foot health assessment.

All information is confidential with the Data protection Act 1998 complied with.

Personal information is not passed to third parties and is maintained only by clinic staff.

Following an assessment of your feet and legs, options will be discussed with you before commencing any form of treatment.Advice will be given regarding your leg and foot health and an opinion expressed on the appropriate treatment plan. You are not obliged to accept this and may wish to seek a second and third opinion.

No treatment, whether you are an adult or child will be forced upon you. They are Your feet... Your legs. Treatment is Your choice.

Do not feel embarrassed about your foot ailment. We are all professionals here and will have seen your problems many times before. Contrary to your belief, you do not have the worst feet in the world. You may wish to be accompanied by a friend or relative if you are nervous or anxious. We are happy to oblige.

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Neurological assessment

Simple non-invasive tests are carried out to determine the presence of abnormal sensory or muscle function.

Vascular assessment

Simple non-invasive tests to determine blood flow to and from the feet.

Diabetic assessment

Combines the neurological and vascular assessments, with information about blood glucose level and method of diabetes control.

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