Our Podiatry Treatments

General treatments for common feet problems such as:

Warts / Verrucae - Ingrown toenails - Corns and Callous - Athlete's foot
Dry skin conditions / Fissures - Thickened toe nails - Fungal nails

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Custom Insoles Prescription Insoles and Orthotics

Made to measure insoles.

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Verruca Surgery / Verruca Needling

For the treatment of corns and verrucae

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Nail Surgery

For the treatment of ingrown and ingrowing toenails.

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Sports Injuries

Tendon/ Muscle strain or ligament sprains can be due to inadequate stretching before
and after exercise, overuse or altered body mechanics.

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Painful feet

This can be due to sport injury, medical condition or altered bone mechanics in the foot.

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Diabetic Feet

Diabetes is a medical condition which affects the level of sugar/ glucose in the body.
Symptoms such as tingling or numbness cancan often appear in the feet early in patients with diabetes.

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Arthritic Feet

Whether due to wear and tear or Rheumatoid disease, prescription insoles / orthotics
which can be custom made may be useful. There are many off the shelf insoles available
for purchase. We can advise which are the most suitable for you.

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Flat feet

Following a gait analysis, biomechanical assessment (ergonomic, posture alignment).
Orthotics/ prescription insoles can be manufactured to improve walking or running.

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