Treatment for sports injuries of the foot

Podiatry covers the diagnosis and management of a range of foot and ankle conditions, we specialise in identifying structural issues associated with pain or injury such as:

Plantar Fasciitis:

A very painful condition starting in the heel and extending throughout the arch of the foot, commonly worse when getting out of bed in the morning and after a long day on your feet. This condition is usually exacerbated by overpronation or a fallen arch, treatment involved prescribing a corrective orthotic or insole and various stretches, massage and ice. If treated as soon as the symptoms start this condition is relatively easy to treat.

Achilles Tendinitis

Pain or tightness in the achilles often caused by foot position problems, this is due to the achilles tendon inserting into the base of the heel meaning if the ankle position is not right the achilles tendon doesn't work in a vertical manner. Orhotics and deep massage combined with ice therapy can treat this condition successfully.

Knee Pain

Knee pain is commomly caused or made worse by foot position or function, especially during walking, running or climbing hills or stairs. If overpronation is present through gait the knee is able to internally rotate excessively and causes misalignment of the joint and internal structures. An orthotic would be prescribed to stabilise the ankle and therefore maintain knee alignment.

Hip Pain

Hip pain can then also be associated with lower limb biomechanics as if the knees are internally rotating then the hip structure will be also over working.

Shin Splints/Compartment Syndrome

This is commonly caused by an overpronated foot specifically through running gait. Stress fractures of the tibia can be caused by a rigid foot type where there is a lack of shock absorption on landing. In both of these instances a prescribed orthotic would be used to correct.

Lower Back Pain

Is a very complex problem in a lot of cases but can be aggravated by lack of stability or poor foot position, commonly if someone has a very overpronated foot they lack stability and balance at the ankle and therefore lock out the knees, this causes an anterior tilt in the pelvis which will give a curve and compression in the lumber spine. In some instances it may be a leg length difference that gives the pelvis a lateral tilt then causing more one sided pain and sciatic symptoms.

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